Our Classroom Website


I am so excited to be teaching 3rd grade again this year! Welcome to our classroom website! This is where some basic information about the class year is, a little about myself, and my contact information. Feel free to visit anytime!

Our 3rd Grade Class Content!

Between learning and making new friends these thrird graders will be busy bees all year! Below is a list of some of the content your child will be learning this year. 

  • Math: Students will learn and understand the properties of multiplication and the relationship between multiplication and division. Operations and algebraic thinking will be taught as well.  Number and operations in Base Ten, Fractions, and some basic geometry will be touched on this year.
  • Science: Your 3rd grader will be learning about the solar system and what is in it! Students will also be learning classification of animals, the human body, forces and motion, and so much more. Fun experiments will be done to enhance learning as well!
  • Social Studies: This year we are dipping our feet into some political science as they learn the three branches of government. We will also be learning about maps and students will get the basic understanding of latitude and longitude. We will also be turning our class into a desert at the end of the year as we learn about the different ecosystems!
  • Language Arts: We will be doing a bunch of writing this year! Students will be learning how to understand the formula to the writing process, learn how to write for a specific audience, develop and expand their vocabulary, read with fluency and focus on comprehension, and so much more!


Classroom Behavior Excpectations

I believe that by third grade my students should know how to be respectful, polite, responsible, and always try their best. I will do my best to guide them with these expectations throughout the year and try to set an example myself. Since technology has become so prominent in the classroom, I will not allow phones to be on and/or used in the classroom. Use of the classroom computers have high expectations. Students will need to follow all digital citizenship and safety rules. We will go other those in the classroom and I will send a letter home with students regarding digital citizenship. 


Rules and Consequences

I will only have two rules in my classroom. They are to treat others how you want to be treated and to be a good friend. I do not want to hound students with rules and posters of rules around the classroom, but talk about issues and problems they are having so we can work on them together. Consequences will vary depending on the situation. I will start off with a verbal warning, then a meeting with me, followed by a note home if behavior continues. Again, this depends on the situation. I am not doing clip charts as I feel communication and problem-solving skills are important so I would rather them talk to me about it and help come up with a solution, rather than moving clips on a chart. 


Reward System

I want to try and catch "good behavior". It is not my goal to hound my students for every bad choice they make, but to guide them to make the best ones. I will reward my students by having a "lunch munch" box and every day students will have lots of opportunities to show me "good behavior" and they can earn a ticket with their name to put in the box. Once a week I will pick out 8 names and they can either choose to have lunch with me in the classroom or they can hold onto their tickets to save up for prizes in my "prize box". I hope this will encourage my students to be the best they can be!



Students will be graded depending on the assignment and/or quiz and tests. I will give out rubrics for all big assignments so students will be able to see exactly what I am looking for. I will provide as much feedback as I can with all assignments, tests, quizzes, and such to ensure students can grow from it.


Additional Information

Homework will be given out regularly but I will not assign homework on Fridays or plan a test for a Monday. smiley Students need time to relax and have fun during this time without more stress from school. However, if they have late work that needs to be turned in, weekend work will probably need to happen. Assignment notebooks need to be signed with parents initials every night and I will check them each morning. Notes from families can be given to me via assignment notebook if you would like.  I hope to give extra credit often but there will be strict deadlines for them to be turned in but I want to give your child every opportunity to succeed. If your child has an IEP or 504 I will try to reach out to you by the second week of school to see if you have any extra questions or concerns and so I can meet with you and learn about what is best for your child. That goes for every parent as well, I would love to speak with all of you to help me encourage and motivate your child so we can have a fantastic school year!


Thank you for your time and I look forward to teaching all of your students this year!